Juniors Programme 2022

Term 1 Friday 28 January- Friday 1 April         10 weeks
Term 2 Friday 22 April - Friday 24 June           10 weeks
Term 3 Friday 15 July - Friday 16 September  10 weeks
Term 4 Friday 7 October- Friday 9 December 10 weeks

TRAINING DAYS:                    Friday 4:30pm

Training fee:                            per term  (once per week)        $50


Training gear:                          Keiko- gi (training wear)            $45

                                                  Obi (coloured belt)                     $10

DISCOUNT of 20% for second and other family members. Discount applies to second and other family members irrespective of junior or ladies class.


The Ideal Enrichment Activity for Kids

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The Budokwai Junior Training Programme

Our Aikido training teaches Children

  •   Physical and mental coordination

  •   Courtesy and social awareness

  •   Health and Fitness 

  •   Good character

  •   Elements of Japanese culture and language

  •   Light Competition and sportsmanship

  •   And how to have fun !!!


Class content consists of learning aikido self defense and sport skills, learning how to fall safely, learning how to breathe, walk, and do calisthenics exercises correctly. Japanese terminology is taught and depending on the teacher, Japanese language is used. The culture of Japan especially that of martial arts is taught, such as courtesy, respect, group synergy and self-discipline. Having fun is a main goal and many skills are taught as games.


National and local competitions are held for children consisting of judgment and scoring events, something for everybody. Competition is fun but not so intensive. There are now even international competitions involving kids starting from 2017.


There are examinations and a ranking system of ten kyu levels and two dan (black belt) levels. This grades the skills as the children develop and colored belts and certificates are issued by the Oceania Aikido Kyougi Renmei  for such promotions. It is a very educational process.