Adult Classes

Adult Beginner Programme

A two month course covering the basic skills of aikido training such as breakfalls, footwork, calisthenics, self defense techniques, Japanese language terms and basic principles of aikido.


The candidate is examined at the end of the course and is awarded a blue belt.


Join anytime as the programme is held as part of the regular classes. Special emphasis is given to learning how to practice courteously and safely without injury.


This foundation programme is intended to prepare candidates for further training in aikido and is not a short course in self-defence.


Regular Classes

The Budokwai is fortunate to have high ranking instructors who are 3dan, 4dan and 7dan black belts with competition achievments and training in Japan. Our chief instructor lived and trained in Osaka from 1979 to 2006 before returning to Australia.

Classes cover the common world wide examination syllabus set originally by the Japan Aikido Association ranging from beginner up to the most highly advanced levels due to the high ranks of our instructors.

Aikido is a Japanese modernised ju jitsu like judo with its particular roots stemming from the old daito ryu juijitsu style. It involves joint twisting, pressure points, throwing and controlling techniques and is known for its fluid and graceful but extremely powerful forms of self defense. Our classes are very rounded and include kata (forms), randori (free style fighting) competitive practice and self defence training. Traditional Japanese weapons are also taught as players become more competent.

Many people take up Japanese budo (martial arts) to investigate their inner self and aikido is infused with a wealth of Zen, an essential study for the ancient samurai or military class of feudal Japan. Though the Zen content is selective, fulfilling the needs of the feudal samurai it is nontheless extensive and very much a serious part of our training and attainable by all. There is no magic involved, only the reality for which Zen is most famous.

Monthly Fee  $50

Beginners course: $50 per month, two month duration