Club Membership

Full Member           a)  Adult membership                             $15 pa.

                                b) Junior membership (under 18 yrs.)   $7.50 pa.

Lifetime Member     a) Individual adult only                           appointment


Sport Aikido Australia Membership

All members are required to join the national body Sport Aikido Australia before entering gradings  and competitions


Regular Training fees & Times

Adult      $70 pm      Mon 18:30    Wed 18:30      Fri  18:00      Sat 11:00, 12:30

Student  $55 pm      Mon 18:30    Wed 18:30      Fri  18:00      Sat 11:00, 12:30

Junior    $45 per school term once a week (10 weeks)

              $85 per school term twice a week (10 weeks)

              Wednesday 16:15    Friday 16:15

Adult Beginner Programme

Two month course @ $50 per month covering the basic skills of aikido training. Held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 18:30. Includes a free keiko-gi (training suit). This is a prep course for further training and not a short course in self defence.

Club Membership

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Women Only Programme

Saturday 11:00 to 12:30  $50 p/m as stand alone programme or FREE as part of the regular adult programme.

Training wear

Adult keiko- gi  single weave $70 - $80   (Free with adult beginner programme)

Junior and womens keiko-gi  $45

We also stock from time to time, badges, t-shirts, hoodies, rubber and wooden training weapons.