Our Founding

Founded by our Chief Instructor  Higgs sensei in 2004 at another location in central Brisbane on a visit here from Japan, it morphed into its current location at Coorparoo  in 2012 as the current purpose built full-time aikido training dojo.


Our Heritage

Tomiki Kenji, the founder of our school of aikido came to Australia in 1977 with his wife Fusae and assistant Shishida Fumiaki and at that time promoted our chief instructor Higgs sensei to 2nd dan and also suggested he come and study aikido in Japan. Higgs sensei attained that in 1979 just after Tomiki sensei died and stayed there until 2006 training at the Shodokan dojo under Nariyama Tetsuro shihan before returning to Australia.

Our Community

Our dojo retains its links to both Shodokan Honbu in Osaka and the new JAA in Tokyo. Brisbane Budokwai is an Affiliate Club member of the Oceania Aikido Kyougi Renmei a.k.a. Sport Aikido Australia , our regional peak body, which is also a founding member of the recently formed Worlwide Sports Aikido Federation, our world body for the competitive sport of Aikido. Our Chief Instructor Higgs sensei is a permanent director on the board of both peak organisations. We also maintain relations with all the sport aikido regional associations throughout the world.


Brisbane Budokwai
 Budokwai Pine Rivers

Pine Rivers PCYC

Baker Street, Bray Park

Queensland 4500

(07) 3205 3367)


45 Clarence St, Coorparoo, Qld 4151

M 0434 922 787

HQ dojo in Coorparoo near the QR train station.
Contact: John Edwards
M 0422 433 441